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Cultivating Excelencia

Sep 16, 2020

The Example of Excelencia at the Baccalaureate Level is the Attract, Inspire, Mentor & Support Students program at CSU Northridge. Dra. Michelle Espino Lira talks with Dr. S.K. Ramesh, Director and Lead Principal Investigator and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, as well as AIMS2 Student Services Coordinator, Ms. Josefina Gudino.

The AIMS2 program was established in 2011 through a $5.5 million Hispanic-Serving Institution Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics grant from the U.S. Department of Education. In 2016, Dr. Ramesh received an additional $6 million grant to include first-year students. The program is a collaboration among CSU Northridge, Glendale Community College, College of the Canyons, Moorpark College and L.A. Pierce College. The program focuses on 3 major areas:

  1. Enrollment and graduation of Hispanic and low-income students in the College of Engineering and Computer Science at CSU Northridge;
  1.   Closing the achievement gaps between traditionally underserved and better serve students; and
  2.   Improving student success. 

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